Turkish Angoras
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Our cats

IC Geraylar Hazar of Nazarlik "Laku"

came to us from Russia in October 2012 and is currently the only breeding male in our cattery. Laku is awesome character, kind, friendly and he is real cuddling machine. Laku is glossy black and has a fine coat. Laku has been in a few shows and had good reviews every time.

Laku lives with us freely, there is no need to isolate him, he comes very well along with the other cats too.

Lakus first kittens
were born at Josmarin cattery 17.5.2013. The following kittens are expected to Elekatin cattery and in early 2014 for us in Lumiris.

Nazarlik Yang "Lumia"

Lumia is Roxys kitten who stayd at home. Lumia is pure white, yellow-eyed beauty, and she has a great silky coat. Lumia is
kind, open and curious - she gets involved in every aspect possible.

Lumia has been only in few shows even she likes to be in there and in these shows she has received great reviews. In her very first show Lumia was BIS kitten!

Lumias first litter was born on 1.2.2013. There was only one kitten, Nazarlik Basarili "Viivi" which stayed with us.

Nazarlik Basarili "Viivi"

Viivi is Lumias kitten who stayed at home. Viivi was the only one of her litter and we just could not give up from her. Viivi is a beautiful creme coloured beauty and she seems to inherit her mothers fine nature. With her mother they are always there where action is, and very often playing with our kids.

Viivi has got in her shows good rewiews.

Viivi may in future continue her family heritage, she just needs to grow up first.


Nazarlik Renkli Roxana "Roxy"

Roxy is from Iris'
second litter - a kitten who stayed home.
Roxy is a white, blue-eyed girl. By nature Roxy is not quite as active as Lumia and Viivi and she is thinking a little bit longer before acting.

Roxy has been in
shows for few times. As a neutered she has now enjoyed her time at home.

Roxy has had one litter, Nazarlik Y-litter was born 6.1.2012.
Nowadays Roxy spends her retirement days by herding offsprings.


Pyry is our first cat. Pyry was adult when he came to us in the autumn 2001 as friend of dogs. Pyry is white, blue eyed deaf neuterd boy. Deafness has not affected his life in any way and unless knowing about it, you won't notice it.

Pyry is kind, sociable and adaptable. He has traveled with us many holiday trips, and walked out with our dogs in the most exciting places. Despite of his 15 years of age, Pyry actively gets involved in home events.

Pyry made us interested about Turkish Angoras, and we went to cat shows to explore the breed.

In memoriam

EC Vait Madzik Mila "Lilli"

Lilli came to us in spring 2002 as the age of 8 years to spend her retirement days. By nature, Lilli was a really sweet lady. Lilli taught us how adaptable cat can be - from first day she loved all the people and got used to the dogs in an instant. Lilli learned to go out in harness quickly and she traveled with us in many trips.

Lilli continues to affect the existing cats in the pedigree, Lilli was Iris grandfather's great-grandmother.

Elekatin Iberis Iris "Iris"

Iris was our first foster cat from Nazarlik cattery. Iris was really
beautiful and elegant girl. By nature, Iris was a wonderful and very wise and clever girl.

Iris was in shows a few times.

Iris had two litters, Nazarlik Q-and R-litter.

FI*Lumiris                                  Katja Hagan
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